Quote: Hula is the language of the heart, therefore the heartbear of the Hawaiian people. - King David Kalakaua.  Halau Hula o Na Pua o Hawaii Nei in Eugene OregonHula performed by our Eugene Oregon halau.
  • We participated in the 13th annual George Na'ope Hula Festival in Sacramento, CA. Congratulations to all dancers who performed and a special congrats to our makuahine group to get the 2nd place!! Mahalo for all the support.
  • We are currently taking summer break. All classes will resume on Wednesday 9/4. Have a safe fun summer!
Akiko dressed for Hula KahikoAloha and E Komo Mai

Welcome to Halau Hula o Na Pua o Hawaii nei. The halau was established in 2008 in Eugene, Oregon by Kumu Hula Pekelo Day. Our goal is to build a strong foundation of traditional knowledge in all dancers. Though we are far from our Hawaiian home, our hearts remember the beautiful islands and the culture that continues to nourish our lives. The spirit of Aloha teaches us to be humble and respect others. It is our pleasure to share our Aloha here in Oregon through hula.

Hula is a way of life to which many people dedicate their lives. Hula is more than just dancing. The movements and gestures performed by the dancers are just the surface. Underneath this is a rich culture that celebrates creation, the gods and goddesses, legends, history, and more. Deep knowledge is reserved for those who have earned it. People cherish what they have learned from the kupuna (ancestors) and hold their knowledge close since it is special. (Quotes from Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman)

In each class, the dancers learn hula kahiko (ancient hula), hula 'auana(modern hula), along with oli (chant) and Hawaiian language.